APREDIN also focuses on activities to support investors join the innovation process, helping to take research results from lab to market.

Ignition partner with Portugal Ventures

Ever since 2010, APREDIN is an ignition partner in the network of the Portuguese state owned venture capital company Portugal Ventures. After this partnership was created, APREDIN has already seen proposals being approved and startups invested by Portugal Ventures.

Business angel investment vehicle

Presently, APREDIN together with other national and international partners, is developing an Investment vehicles for investors to either enter the European market and get established in Portugal or to simply make financial investments in Portuguese based startups. The main purpose is to facilitate investors’ (specially angel investors) access to the portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem. We will keep you updated on the developments.

Horizon Europe

APREDIN is working with startups to help them access investment programs supported by Horizon Europe in the EIC (European Investment Council) context, in the InvestHorizon context, or others.