Inspiring Innovation, Empowering Everyone

Welcome to the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Studies (CEIS), a renowned research division of APREDIN. The CEIS is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurial intentions and nurturing the development of innovation ecosystems in Portugal. As a hub of academic excellence and societal contribution, we're committed to promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, and inclusion in Portugal and beyond since our establishment in 2012.

Our Mission

Our mission is to forge a future of entrepreneurship and innovation that is as diverse as it is dynamic. We strive to empower university students, startup companies, NGOs, and the wider citizenry, particularly women, to lead and make a difference in their communities.

Our Inclusive Approach

CEIS strongly believes in inclusivity as a core element of innovation. We work tirelessly to ensure equal participation from all sections of society, with special emphasis on promoting women’s involvement in entrepreneurship and research. Our projects frequently address gender disparities and work towards fostering an ecosystem that enables and encourages women to excel.

Our History

In 2012, as a part of APREDIN, we set out on a mission to reshape the entrepreneurial landscape in Portugal. Over the past decade, our center has conducted influential research in various entrepreneurial sectors. From developing entrepreneurial ecosystems and quadruple helix innovation strategies to exploring entrepreneurial intentions among university students, our research has consistently set benchmarks in the field.

Our Research

Our diverse team comprises researchers from universities, polytechnic institutes, companies, and NGOs across Portugal. Together, we examine diverse areas including data-driven marketing, open innovation strategies, conspiracy theories lessons for startups, and desired traits and behaviors for next-generation leaders. We undertake rigorous research across a wide spectrum of areas including:
  1. Exploring entrepreneurial intentions among university students to create a culture of
  2. Fostering entrepreneurial ecosystem development to spur economic growth.
  3. Unleashing the power of data-driven marketing for precise decision-making and
    targeted growth strategies.
  4. Promoting Quadruple Helix Innovation Strategies for collaborative and sustainable
  5. Encouraging open innovation strategies to accelerate entrepreneurship and leverage
    collective intelligence.
  6. Drawing lessons from conspiracy theories for startups to manage misinformation and
    build resilient business models.
  7. Identifying desired traits and behaviors for new generation leaders to create a future-
    ready leadership blueprint.
Through our “Podcast Economia do Bem-estar”, we not only communicate our research findings but also create an inclusive platform for public engagement, fostering dialogue about entrepreneurship, innovation, and societal development.

Join Us

We remain dedicated to developing innovative entrepreneurs and leaders for tomorrow’s world, with an emphasis on inclusion and diversity. Join us in our mission to push boundaries, break glass ceilings, and create an impact that resonates with everyone.