Title: “Microlearning in Tourism: START Project Paves the Way for Digital Transition”

Intro The digital revolution is not just a trend—it’s the new norm. In the tourism sector, it’s now more crucial than ever to adapt and thrive. The START project partners are leading the way by developing microlearning contents to facilitate this crucial digital transition.

The Importance of Microlearning Microlearning offers bite-sized, focused chunks of learning that are easier to digest and apply. For busy professionals in the tourism sector, this is a game-changer.

What the Partners Are Doing From modules on digital marketing to sustainable tourism, the partners are pooling their expertise to create diverse and relevant microlearning content.

How It Helps the Tourism Sector These microlearning modules aim to equip tourism professionals with the skills needed for digital adaptation, from basic digital literacy to advanced analytics.

Conclusion The START project is more than just another educational program; it’s a lifeline for tourism businesses navigating the digital landscape. Stay tuned for our microlearning contents that promise to make a significant impact.


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